At MovelCampo you, the client, is central to all we do. We take meticulous steps at every stage of production, be that custom-built, bespoke furniture, or interior and exterior carpentry work, specific to your requirements, in both the home and work place.

We maintain close contact with you, our customer, from first to last, listening to all your ideas and how you envisage the use of space in the case of interior or exterior work in your home or work place.

You will be presented with unique and creative design solutions, ideal to your requirements.

MovelCampo will visit your home or work to take on site measurements to ensure the best results, and design of your custom-made furnishings and interior and exterior carpentry needs.

MovelCampo offers unique solutions for your indoor and outdoor furniture needs. We can design, build and fit custom-made kitchens, closets, stairwells, sheds, pergolas, decks … the list is endless!

In short, we take your ideas and bring them to life!

Your total customer satisfaction is our guiding light and strongest motivation, always seeking the highest quality, whether in services or in the raw materials used.

Our 3D software enables you to envisage the finished work even before the project is begun. Each project is developed according to YOUR tastes, taking into account all your specific needs and ideas.

We create and design the furniture of your choice and imagination.

Let us help you uniquely decorate your space to your tastes, developing a personalized, creative and efficient design.

Tell us your idea. Share with us your project. Express your wishes.

We can give the life. We will make them real.

You will be shown sketches of how the furniture or carpentry work will transform your home, your work place, your space.

At your disposal will be MovelCampo’s Architecture Technical Designer. He will help you in your choice of materials, the combination of tones and colors in the reorganization of your space, taking into consideration the best technical and practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

MovelCampo also works with the renovation of shops and commercial spaces.

Share with us your project, so that together we obtain the best solution to YOUR specific needs.

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