The company – MovelCampo

The company – MovelCampo

If you are looking for unique and exclusive furniture for your home or business …

If you want to remodel the interior or exterior of your home or business …

Then, you have come to the right place!

MovelCampo has 30 years of experience in Carpentry and Furniture making. Let us transform your dreams into reality.

We design, create, complete and assemble a wide range of products and services, including unique bespoke furniture designed and created in collaboration with YOU, the client.

We also offer interior and exterior carpentry work, in your home or for your business.

The MovelCampo workshop and design centre is headquartered in Viseu.

Our team of qualified professionals offers a wide range of proven, high-quality work. We are ready and willing to create and turn your dreams into reality. No detail is too small and unmatched quality is guaranteed!

Our highly personalized service can fulfill the desires of any customer looking for something original and unique for their home or their business.

MovelCampo offers a smart and economical solution for those who need to remodel or build, at home or in their business.

Not only do we offer our services nationwide, throughout all Portugal, but we can also offer our services to interested clients throughout Europe.

You will receive constant support in the design of both furniture and decoration of your home or work space from our highly qualified and well-experienced technical architecture.

Whether it is a single piece of furniture, or a complete remodelling of your home or business, you will be shown a personalized and 3D presentation of the design, even before we start creating it.

With MovelCapo, you are guaranteed an extremely personalised and transparent relationship in which you will be supported and kept informed at every stage of the design, creation, assembly and completion process.

Please do not hesitate to contact MovelCampo with any question you have. We welcome and look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone (+351 232 451 428) or email ( – NOW!